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Christmas & New Years Special Banquet


 Four course £42.00 P/P


1 st Course



A choice of

 Hot & Sour Chilli Soup , Sweet Corn with Chicken Soup ,


2 nd Course


King's Harlequin Hors D'eurs


3 rd Course


Aromatic Duck

With pancakes, onion, cucumber & Hoi Sin sauce


Main Course


King Prawn with Seasonal Vegetables in “Bird’s Nest”

Slice Pork with Spicy Satay Sauce

Fillet Steak Cantonese Style

 Crispy Chicken with Bo Bo Sauce ( Spicy )

Sizzling Roast Pork with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce


More then six people


 Crispy Beef in Chilli Bean Sauce with Sesame


More then eight people 


Assorted Seafood with Ginger & Spring Onion

Yung chow fried rice with all the main courses


Chinese tea or coffee

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