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From Sunday the 31st October 2021 we will be closing the TAKEAWAY SERVICE until further notice due to a shortage

of chefs!


Our restaurant will still be open as usual for DINE IN ONLY. *we will not be taking takeaway orders from the restaurant side as we are already busy enough serving customers for dine in*


We are very sorry for any inconvenience but having less chefs in the kitchen means they are struggling to maintain orders from takeaway and we do not want to be giving out bad service and putting pressure and more work onto our chefs for their well-being as we are all human beings that work hard!


Please be patient with us as at the moment we do not have a set date for when the takeaway will re-open, until we find more chefs permanently. This is not something we wanted to do but we have no other choice!


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Thank you and we hope you will still support us in the restaurant through these difficult times!!

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